The Three Most Important Qualities of Auscan

The Three Most Important Qualities of Auscan


AUSCAN has been translated into several different language forms for various countries. This includes English, Afrikaans, Spanish, Turkish, and Swedish. In this article we look at the three most important qualities of Auscan. Read on to discover the importance of each. And as always, we’ll continue on with Part Two: the Results! We’ll discuss the validity, relevance, and clarity of the results. The benefits of Auscan’s data are clear, meaningful, and accessible.


The Auscan questionnaire is a valid measure of hand pain. Its high content validity index and strong agreement among raters suggest that the test is useful for patient assessment. The study was conducted in accordance with the regulations of the responsible Clinical Research Ethics Committee, the World Medical Association, and the Helsinki Declaration. This research has several important implications for clinicians. It has also implications for the development of new questionnaires. Read on for more information.


This study examined the validity of the AUSCAN. It determined that the AUSCAN index measured changes in pain, stiffness, and function that were relevant to the condition. It also found that the majority of participants in this subgroup did not have current hand pain at rest. In conclusion, the results of this study indicate that the AUSCAN index is valid for use in clinical research. But more research is needed to determine the validity of this index.


The AUSCAN has been validated through a formal clinimetric process, in which patients from a tertiary care center rated the items based on their frequency, importance, and relevance. This study provides additional support for the content validity of the AUSCAN and adds new data regarding item clarity. It was developed to facilitate the development of care plans for acute and chronic illnesses. It has recently been revalidated to include new items and the relevance of Auscan for each condition.


The content validity of the AUSCAN has been previously established through a formal clinimetric process in which patients from a tertiary care hospital rated items according to relevance, frequency, and importance. The present study provides additional support for content validity and adds new information on the clarity of items. Nevertheless, the AUSCAN still requires more empirical research to determine its validity. The present study has several limitations, but may prove to be valuable for other researchers.


The Australian/Canadian Osteoarthritis Hand Index (SODA) is a valid and reliable hand disability assessment tool for RA patients. The SODA enables patients to answer questions about their home environment. Both the MHQ and AUSCAN have demonstrated validity in clinical trials. The following discussion will examine the reliability of these two hand disability assessment tools and their use in clinical practice. We discuss their reliability and usefulness in assessing hand disability in RA.


The AUSCAN has been shown to have adequate psychometric properties across clinical and ethnic subgroups. However, it was noted that the subscale structures differ slightly by race. Further research should explore the implications of this contrasting factor structure in African Americans. As of this writing, there are no studies examining the validity of the African American subscale of the Auscan. This article will focus on the psychometric properties of the Auscan in general and its subscales in particular.

Physical examination

The AUSCAN is a population-based health test used to evaluate the overall health of a population. The study found that AUSCAN scores varied from 66% to 89% for patients with arthritis in the hands. Patients with more severe symptoms had higher scores than those with less severe conditions. The differences were not statistically significant. Compared with other health tests, AUSCAN was preferred by a higher percentage of participants. The questionnaires used during the exam were more thorough and involved more time.

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