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Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are supposed to be completely private, and is why it is anonymous. The most interesting thing is that Bitcoins are not real in existence. They are only within computer software, which is they are a form in virtual reality.

The idea behind it is that bitcoins can be “mined” ‘… intriguing phrase in this case… through the use of an increasingly complex mathematical formula that becomes more difficult as more Bitcoins are mined into existence intriguing – by computers. After being created, the new Bitcoin is placed into an electronic “wallet”. Then, it is possible to trade actual goods or Fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoins… or the reverse is also true. Additionally, since the Bitcoins do not have a central authority that issues Bitcoins It is extremely distributed and therefore in opposition to being managed by authorities.

The true story of value of valuation of any thing is given as

Naturally, the advocates of Bitcoin and those who profit from the rise of Bitcoin are loudly claiming that “absolutely” Bitcoin is money’ ‘… but not just that, but also ‘it’s the most secure money in history and the future’s money”, etc… However the supporters of Fiat declare the same thing, about the paper-based currency as actually money… however, we know for certain that Fiat paper isn’t anything like money because it does not possess the essential characteristics of actual money. So, the question is whether Bitcoin actually qualify as a form of money… or is it even worth that it is the currency of the future or perhaps the most valuable money you’ve ever had.

For more information, we’ll take a look at the traits that make up money, and determine whether Bitcoin is eligible to be considered. The three main features of money are

1.) Money is a secure store of value. This is the most important attribute because without stability of value, the role of the numeraire, which is a measurement of value, will fail.

2.) Money is the numeraire. It is the unit of account.

3.) Money is a means for trade… However, other items can also serve this role, such as direct barter, the netting out’ of the exchanged goods. Also , trade goods (chits) that are held in value for a short period of time; and then finally exchanging mutual credit that is, netting out worth of commitments that are fulfilled through the exchange of bills or IOU’s.

Comparatively against Fiat, Bitcoin does not perform badly as a means of exchange. Fiat will only work within the geographical area of the issuer. It is not a good idea to use dollars in Europe and so on. Bitcoin is accepted worldwide. However only a handful of retailers accept payments in Bitcoin. If acceptance doesn’t increase in a geometric way, Fiat wins… but at the expense of exchange costs between nations.

The first requirement is much more difficult and requires an investment that has a steady value… Today, Bitcoins have grown from a value of $3.00 to more than $1,000 in just a couple of years. This is the furthest thing from being a stable store of value’ as it gets! In fact, these gains are an excellent example of a speculation-driven market… as are Dutch bulb tulips, junior mining companies or Nortel stocks.

Naturally, Fiat does not work in this regard either. As an example it is the US Dollar, the ‘main’ Fiat, has lost more than 90 percent of its value within just a few decades… Fiat nor Bitcoin are able to meet the most fundamental measurement of money, the ability to store value and maintain value over time. The real currency, which is Gold has proven its ability to preserve value, not only for centuries, but also for many centuries. Both Fiat or Bitcoin have this capability… each will fail as money.

We then come to the next attribute, the fact that you are a numeraire. This is an interesting aspect as we can understand the reason why both Bitcoin as well as Fiat do not work as money by examining the issue of the “numeraire’. Numeraire refers to the usage of money not just to store value, but also in a sense measure or measure value. It is believed that in Austrian economics, it’s thought to be impossible to quantify value, since value is only a part of the human mind… as well what is it that can actually be quantified? However, with the help of the principle of Mengerian market action, which is an interaction between bid and offer markets prices are determined… however it is only for a short period of time… as the market price is expressed in terms of numeraire, the best-selling product, which is money.

How do we determine the worth that is Fiat… ? With the notion of purchasing power’ ‘… which means that its value Fiat can be measured by the value it is possible to trade to… it is a called ‘basket ‘ of goods. This clearly indicates that Fiat does not have value on its own. Instead, value is derived from the value of the products and services that it is able to trade for. The cause of causality flows from the item bought and that Fiat number. What difference does it make between a single dollar bill and a 100 Dollar bill, besides the number across the bill… in addition to the power to purchase that number?

Gold however isn’t valued by the amount it trades for. Instead specifically it is measured according to another physical measure; its mass, or weight. A gram of gold is an ounce of gold and an ounce refers to an ounce… regardless of the number engraved upon its exterior, its ‘face value’ or not. Causality is in contrast to Fiat and Gold is measured in weight and intrinsic value… but not by the power of purchase. Have you got an idea about the worth of one 1 ounce of Dollars? There is no such thing. Fiat is measured by an ephemeral number… it’s the number that is printed on it face value, also known as the ‘face value’.

Bitcoin is a long way from being the numeraire. it is not just a number, just like Fiat… however, the value of Bitcoin is measured using Fiat! Even the event that Bitcoin is accepted internationally as a means of exchange and even succeeds in replacing the Dollar as a “numeraire”, it will not have an inherent measure as Gold does. Gold is the only one that can be defined by a genuine non-changing physical number. It is the only one that can store value for many thousands of years. It is the only thing that mankind has this special combination of properties.

In the end, although Bitcoin offers certain advantages over Fiat in terms of privacy and decentralization falls short in its claim of being money. However, its advantages aren’t as clear as the intention of the plan is to restrict “mining of Bitcoins to only 26 million units. That is, the mining algorithm becomes harder and harder to figure out, and then becomes impossible after 26 million Bitcoins have been extracted. This announcement may possibly be the final blow to Bitcoin Already, a few central banks have made announcements that Bitcoins might be converted into a reserveable currency.

Wow, that sounds like something that could be a significant move in the direction of Bitcoin isn’t it? In the end, the “big banks’ are acknowledging the real worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin, right? What this means is that banks realize that they are able to exchange Fiat in exchange for Bitcoins… as well. To buy those 26 million Bitcoins scheduled could cost only 26 billion Fiat Dollars. Twenty-six billion dollars isn’t even minor change in comparison to Fiat printers. It is approximately a week’s worth printing for the US Fed all by itself. Once the Bitcoins were bought and were deposited in the Fed’s “wallet ‘… what use could they have served?

There wouldn’t be Bitcoins that are in circulation. an ideal corner. If there were no Bitcoins available What do you think on Earth do they function to exchange money? What can the owners of Bitcoin be able to do to protect against such a scenario? Make the algorithm more flexible and boost the number of subscribers from amount of 26 million… to 52 million? to 104 million? Are you ready to join to the Fiat march of printing? However, according to the theory of quantity, Bitcoin would start to decline in value, similar to how Fiat is believed to lose value due to over-printing ‘…

This is the most crucial issue: why should we look for a “new currency” in the first place when you already own the most valuable currency, Gold? The fear about Gold confiscation? Anonymity issues from an intrusive state? Insane taxation? Fiat money legal tender laws? Everything above. The answer lies not in a brand new kind that is based on money but rather in the creation of a new social structure one that is free of Fiat and without Government surveillance, and without drones or SWAT squads… with no IRS border guards, IRS TSA terrorists… endlessly. A world of freedom, not oppression. When this is achieved, Gold will resume its essential and ancient function as a trustworthy money… And in a matter of minutes.

Rudy J. Fritsch was born in Hungary in 1947. He left Socialist Tyranny in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. His family was a part of WWII and the subsequent Hungarian hyperinflation. Therefore, the Fritsch family has a deep understanding of the financial ruin.

Engineer and entrepreneur the father of a family-owned company in Canada for a long time, at the height of its growth, employing over 100 workersuntil the economic turmoil destroyed the profits for North American manufacturing. Exiled from business He decided to study Economics… in order to determine the reason for this miserable situation.

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